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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

As if!

Hello again! Hope you're all having a fantastic summer and making the most of the 'sun' here in the UK. For those reading who are in Spain (Carly Ryder) or places with similar climates, I am green with envy. The following paragraphs will be me telling you all that's been happening since the last blog. Hurray!
So the album launch was on the 12th July and has been and gone. What an evening! The room was packed out, we managed to put out a nice buffet spread, hopefully it was enough for everyone! The Glitter Girls gave out their glitter tattoos, we sold over 70 copies of the album on the night and sold out in the next few days!
As if! A massive thank you to Carly Ryder and the Polar Rays who were support acts for the evening. Both played two fantastic sets and I'd recommend their music to anyone!
The next step is looking to get the album reviewed and pushed as much as possible!

www.emmamcgann.com is near enough ready to go live! The geek in me finds it unbelievably cool that I now own my own personal internet space. Just a few tweaks here and there to take care of. A big thank you to Alex Kaye for all his hard work on getting the site ready and looking great! Can't wait to get it out there!

I joined Liz Kershaw for her Sunday Morning talk show at BBC Coventry and Warwickshire a Sunday or two ago to have a chat about my influences, music degree and upcoming gigs. It was my first
live radio interview so you can imagine my nerves... especially as it was a morning show and I'd nowhere near woken up properly. I'd been in Alton that weekend for a short getaway weekend with the besties so me and James had to rush back on the motorway but we got there in time thankfully! Liz played two tracks from my biggest influences, Suzanne Vega and Imogen Heap and also played some tracks from the album. So thank you Liz!

As for upcoming gigs we have a few full band performances lined up, one of which being at the Warwick Arts Centre on 27th November where I'll be playing alongside the lovely Carly Ryder once again! All upcoming gigs are listed on the music Studyvox at
www.myspace.com/xemmxacousticx and very shortly will be available from www.emmamcgann.com !

Aside from music I've been making the most of spending as much time with the besties before they venture back to Uni on different sides of the country/in completely different countries! We had a weekend away in Alton filled with BBQ's, trekking, clock-stealing (don't ask) and the pub... of course.

We've decided to start planning the first music video! I won't reveal just yet which single from the album it'll be, but we're hoping to get it all done before early September time! I can however reveal that there won't be any of Beyonce's single ladies dancing in leotards, crazy telephone wigs worn by Lady Gaga or mountains of half naked people with Kylie stood on top... unfortunately! On a serious note though, we may need to recruit some extras so will post details on the website once everything is planned!

The new flat is proving to be home sweet home. We've settled in now with nothing more to unpack. We've a bunch of xbox games to get through and a mini studio set-up to record any ideas I have for new material. (Very handy for someone with a memory like mine!) The parents and friends have also approved the new crib, checked for sharp edges, christened carpet with drink spillages, invited themselves around for pizza nights etc. so it's feeling more like home everyday.

I've become a full on tweeter. I understand the wonderful world of Twitter a lot more now and am tweeting whenever possible! I've found that it's such a good tool for promotion and have been tweeted by Kylie (omg!) and retweeted by Big Brother twitter @bigbrobot ?! Hoping to get more followers once emmamcgann.com goes live? Follow me
@emmamcgann :)

And with that, I leave you with a first episode from a friend - paranormal detective,
Flint Angel.com