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Sunday, 20 June 2010

It's almost here!

A lot's been happening since Febuarys
events! It's feeling more like summer
every day as I finished my first year of
Uni two weeks ago, that and the sun is
shining for once! So far the course has
been really enjoyable, looking forward
to second year and composing for film!
And building my own instrument!

After all their hard work James and Alex
put on Barbershop the Musical and it
went down unbelievably well! The two shows
were both well organised and the audience
were loving it! You can have a listen to
their tracks here - www.myspace.com/barbershopthemusical
They now have plans to get trained in silver
service and become singing waiters and perform

Apart from all this it's been all go with
The Undercovers. More and more gigs seem
to be coming in which is always good.
Everyone wants a piece of us it seems! We
played in front of over 1000 people last
night in Minehead at Butlins which was
fantastic! One of the best gigs ever!
One kid even tried to climb on stage!
We also played at the Ricoh Casino a few
weeks back that went down just as well!
Have had a few comments from people about
playing in a covers band. Some negative
but mostly positive. A few have regarded
it as selling out but I don't see it that
way at all! It's all still full steam ahead
with my original stuff :)

I'm still up to my eyes in all my own music with the album due July
12th! Very exciting stuff! Also holding an
album launch at the Phoenix on that night
with Carly Ryder and Polar Rays as support.
Should be amazing! The album will be available
on the night for £7 and from then on will
also be available on Amazon and iTunes.
Then we're shipping it off to Kylie & friends!

It's been hard work getting everything together
for the album but it's almost finally
finished! No more long nights in the studio for
a while! Well... not for me anyway. Poor James
will be in there with lots of different bands
recording EP's, albums, radio jingles and what
not. Hopefully next year I'll have a smaller
scale album with more acoustic tracks on as well.
But we'll see how we get on though eh? :)
After looking at the songs individually, it helped
me to organise them into an order that worked for
the album. Photoshoots were fun too, I owe a
certain Mr Pete Lord a million favours for all
his time, ideas and fabulous photography.

www.emmamcgann.com is almost ready to go! Big
thanks to Al Kaye for all his hard work and mega
brains to get everything working for the website!
Do keep a look out for any video updates/gigs/news/

The still as of yet un named Emma McGann band
were labelled Band of the Month in June for
BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Introducing...
We popped into the studio for a chat with the
lovely Martin Winch who also aired new track
'Little Hearts' on the show too. (Which is also
now on the myspace!)

Me and James are moving into the new flat this weekend!
I've never been so excited! A few weeks ago we
bought a new 32' HD TV and an Xbos elite. If we're
gonna get a new flat then new toys are most
definitely needed! Moving day won't be all that hard either
as it's only 2 doors away and on the ground floor!

Songbird is still a running success and is every
Monday at the Phoenix from 8:30pm onwards if any
of you should fancy popping down to watch or play!

I think that's it for now! Lots more gigs to update
on throughout the rest of the year! When I get a
chance to write another blog! Hope y'all are well!

Em x

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