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Sunday, 20 June 2010

2010 then

2010 then


So far the new year’s not been too shabby at all! Songbird’s now in its second year, I’ve dropped all other acoustic nights for the moment as it’s just too much work with uni as well! The course is going fab! Despite being one of the only girls on the course, the atmosphere’s brilliant - and it’s nice to know that whenever I fancy a tinker on the ol’ grand piano I can just pop round the corner and play away to my hearts content :)

We went on the hippy van holiday last year before Christmas and had no regrets despite snow, no 2nd gear and dodgy electrics! The petrol was waaaaayyy too expensive for us to go anywhere like the Lake District, so we ended up parking at a caravan club in Moreton-On-Marsh. I’ve never felt cooler… rolling in alongside these massive remote controlled caravan winnebago machines driven by people three times our age. And then there’s us in our teeny weeny tiny yellow tin can VW. Kept ourselves occupied though, took two guitars, a pack of cards and plenty of hot choc.

This year’s Covfest is on April 10th at various venues around Coventry. I’m running the acoustic stage at Esquire’s Coffee House while Justine’s running the stage at the Tin Angel. It’s a bummer that I’ll be missing the acts playing over at the Tin on the same day… but quite looking forward to watching the Ripps and the Austin Francis Connection at Taylor John’s on the Sunday! Check them out on myspace if you haven’t already, time well spent.

Have a new band up and running which is in centre focus at the mo! We only got together for rehearsals just before Christmas so it’s still early days, but it’s sounding top! We all love our pop so we’ve decided to stick to that genre and work with each other on some new material. We’re all working together really well and have some gigs in the pipeline so things are looking sweet!

As for writing I’ve found that I’ve wrote heaps of new songs… but I never seem to finish them! Talking of heaps… me and James went to Manchester to see Imogen Heap the other week and blimey! What a gig! We were quite near the front so we got a close up of all the little props and trinkets she brings on stage with her. She had this transparent piano frame with fur interior sitting beneath odds, ends, cymbals and gongs that were hanging from a massive tree which stood centre stage. It was all very visual! She was even hooked up to tiny microphones that were stuck to her wrists to pick up the jingles and jangles of all these obscure instruments she leaped around the stage with! That performance in Manchester was the first of the Ellipse tour, and perform she did! She’s almost like a comedian in a way too… she kept herself calm and pokerfaced through any blips the equipment made throughout the show. And somehow, even when Pro Tools crashed as soon as she came onto the stage she managed to make a joke of it, she communicated with the crowd really well. Dead professional, dead good… everything I expected and more from the grammy award winning Immie :)

So the writings going farely well… just need to join up the dots at the end and actually start finishing off lyrics! But there’s some newbies that I’m eager to get done in the studio - ‘written in stone’, ‘speak for yourself’, ‘is it cuz’ and ‘so long’ being a few. Jezebel should be up on the Myspace by the end of this month too… as well as soon Youtube video action!

Roll on Summer 2010

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