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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

I should be so lucky...

The last two weeks have certainly been more eventful than expected! Just over two weeks ago I received some great news from the team at studyvox.co.uk - I’d been shortlisted for the StudyvoxFM Music Award Prize and had won! This meant I was to accept the award and perform to none other than Aussie pop songstress Kylie Minogue five days down the line on Thursday 25th! I should be so lucky right? (no pun intended), but it was true! Seeing as we would be performing to Kylie we thought we’d go all out and do it properly, so me and James gathered the troops and formed a full band over the five days we had left to rehearse... enter ‘Barbershop the Musical’ writer Alex Hart on drums and Rich Overton on bass/beehive noises.

So anyway we crammed in some rehearsals in between work and uni until we had to travel to Oxford on Thursday. Me and James drove down on the Wednesday to the teensy tiny village of East Hendred in Oxford to meet the team and the four other student winners who had won bursaries of up to £10,000! We could not have been more looked after by the guys at Studyvox who greeted us, showed us around the headquarters and booked us in for a night in a lush B’n’B just a little way down the road!

So Thursday morning came and went, we flew through a quick sound check around midday and then prepared the stage for the event a few hours ahead.
Can’t resist putting a good word in for the chef of the buffet too, who did a small buffet at the local pub the night before – my eyes were a lot bigger than my stomach that day!

Once Kylie arrived, we were told she wanted to meet the band personally before the event, which I could not have been more excited/nervous about! I needn’t have been so nervous though, she was lovely! Killer heels too...
A few snapshots later we were back in the main room behind a load of paps waiting for Kylie to perform her speech and award the bursaries. After being called onto the stage for the Music Award I stood on stage with Kylie who handed over this glass trophy reading ‘StudyVoxFm Music Award Presented to Emma McGann by Kylie Minogue 25.02.2010’ How freakin’ cool is that?! First thing I’ve ever won in my life if you don’t include pitchers of beer won at the odd pub quiz... So after being blinded by camera flashes left right and center, I stumbled through my speech and managed a graceful exit off stage. Following this came well deserving winners Jess Gurr, Hayley Roberts, Fern Tomlinson and Vicky Stringer, all giving fantastic speeches.
So the next job was to get all the kit on stage ready to perform, which went smoother than expected thankfully! We flew into the set with ‘Fall into Me’ and ‘Start the Show’ to which Kylie came out to view the performance. Half of me thought right, must be professional and not screw up with the lyrics or break a string... the other half of me thinking... O M freakin’ G! Kylie Minogue is a few feet away dancing around to one of my songs! Surreal is not even the word!
I’d encourage any student to have a browse on the Studyvox website and explore what they have to offer. It’s inspiring that it’s an entirely student focused foundation, aiming to ease all the financial stress students are to face after graduation. Not only that but Studyvox also provides an online radio station for students to upload their music and material for broadcast on the internet. What better way to showcase student talent, be you a comedian/artist/band etc. than through StudyVoxFM radio? With such a foundation fighting for our team, I’m glad I’m now a part of it. So get yourselves to
www.studyvox.co.uk and join up!
Massive congrats to the four winners of the bursary awards and a
huge thankyou again to Kev, Sara and the rest of the team at Studyvox for their hospitality and for giving us a day down in Oxford we’ll never forget.


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