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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Covfest 3

On April 4th Covfest took place at Dogma & Escape Bar in Coventry, an event to raise funds for two local charities - the Alexandra Emery Fund and the Coventry Telegraph Snowball Appeal.
Over £4000 was raised which was great to hear! It was a great event to be a part of - I hosted the first few hours over at the Acoustic stage at Dogma until it was time to play my set which went well too! James and Dave played with me and they make things sound ten times better. Since these guys have been playing with me there's been a bigger and better reaction to the set so I'm very lucky to know such talented lovelies :) We communicate well and enjoy playing together so fingers crossed for a possible electric set later on in 2009 maybe?!

Myself, Rich, Han, Patrick & Claire helped out on the door as well, handing out wrist ba
selling CD's and bucketing the dosh and what not. After finishing my set we all hung around to enjoy the rest of the acts. Especially enjoyed the Satin Dolls set as always, and Reubens Cane. I can't remember most of the other acts as I believe I took advantage of the free drinks.

Thank you as always to Chris Johnson for the photographs and thank you to Annie, Justine and to all who made Covfest happen. It's great that the local music community, as small as it is, can raise that much money and make such a difference. NICE ONE ;)