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Monday, 23 March 2009

A quick update

Okie doke. So it's Monday the 23rd March, and tonight will be the tenth Songbird Acoustic since starting the night in January. It's also my best friends birthday, so Happy 19th Sin! The acoustic night is going so much better than I thought it would be at this point. It's pretty much busy every week and on it's toes.

I have a gig this Saturday in the city centre at Shelton Square for Oxjam which I'm really excited about! Face-paints, raising money and local music - I can't wait! I've got gigs lined up throughout the year until July aswell so things are pretty busy.

I recently got back into the studio with James and a few other friends a couple of weeks ago. We recorded 'Fall into Me' and it sounded so much better once we got the bass, drums and other things down. So thanks to Dave, Jonny, Dan, James, Alex & Matt for sticking around that night to get things done. It'll be on the myspace soon hopefully!

I'm starting Music Composition at Cov uni in September so I've really gotta start getting down to learning some theory for this exam in June. A couple of good friends have offered to help me out and give me some tutoring which is a great thing to have. Everyone I speak to about the composition course has given great feedback about it. So it's sounding like it's definitely for me, instead of Graphic Design!

I had another idea for the acoustic night a couple of months ago. I thought about filming the acts as they play and giving them a small interview afterwards so they can promote themselves on Youtube and I can promote the night at the same time. It's called Songbird TV and the first episode can be seen on Youtube and on the Songbird myspace. I can't watch it myself as I can't stand to see myself being filmed! But it was a good idea and me and a few friends ran with it and it turned out really well. Thanks to Mark and Rich for the filming.

I'm going to see Andy McKee on the 20th May!!!!!! He's playing at Taylor John's! I couldn't believe it when I heard. I first saw his videos on Youtube about two years ago. Who'da thought that two years later he'd pop up in Coventry?

April 4th will be Covfest. SO excited about it! There's so many great acts playing, both acoustic and full bands. It's taking place at Dogma and Escape throughout the day. It's for the Snowball Appeal so it'll be great to get as many people as possible down there.

I ran the night at the Squirrel a couple of weeks back. It was good to use a full PA instead of the small mixer I have at the pub! The girl that usually runs it was ill and asked me to take over for the night so I jumped at the chance. It's all good experience I guess.

So there's the quick update about what's been happening in the new year. More to come later on!